The Caribbean!

Sooooo!! It has been a long delay for those who have been waiting for an update from The Caribbean. 

Since Jan will soon be back in the Caribbean and share new stories and pictures i will limit this post to explain the development last year. 

My focus shifted abruptly in February 2016 when i met a Swedish Inventor in Le Marin, Martinique. He told me about a groundbreaking Particle Separation Technology with potential to change how we view particle separation in general. What it means in other words: an opportunity for me to work on a technology that will diminish impact from industries across the board. Emissions, waste water and much more can be separated, sorted and reused as raw material. I began building a new webpage ( for this project already while sailing the Caribbean back in February. We are now getting attention from various countries around the world and are in negotiations to start partnerships with some companies. 

Jan's and my plan to sail around the world have changed slightly, Jan's plan is to continue sailing 6 months on, 6 months off so that he gets time to visit Sweden, his Wife, Children and Grandchildren. I will hopefully find some time to go visit Jan wherever he might be, and sail for a few weeks now and then.

For those of you who want to follow Jan's adventure can do so on his Facebook page, where he will be updating frequently during the months he's sailing. He will be back in the Caribbean in February 2017. 

This website will still be up and Jan will post on the Instagram feed, you will also be able to track Fragancia and view the live weather on the front page. 

Wish you all a Happy New Year! 


Jens Liljegren