Electronics breaking down

Just thought i should add a post here explaining why there haven't been any blog updates lately. First I had a hard time finding a working internet connection which led to not being able to upload the pictures necessary to make a post about the Atlantic Crossing. Then we had a computer breakdown (I think it can be repaired by replacing the "internal power part"). We also had both our phones breaking down, one got submerged in the ocean and the other one broke down due to humidity. As i type this we're installing two new phones from our backups.

Figured i post a picture of my brother Nicholas at the tiny island on which Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) were abandoned with his hidden rum stash in Pirates of the Caribbean. Nicholas was with us for a month. More pictures and stories will come once i get the computer back in order. This will happen when i get back to Sweden around the 10th of February.

Jan will have friends, his brother and one of his son's visiting while i'm in Sweden. I'm returning in early April and then we will bring Fragancia up to Florida to be put on land during hurricane season.