Gijón, Spain

Nils left us in Gijón and me and Janne both felt that we needed to stay a couple of days just to recharge and plan our path forward. We found a Spa nearby and thought that a massage would do us good - having soar necks and stiff backs after two months of sailing intensely.

Gijón is a very energetic place and the people are real open and friendly. Such a different culture than we are used to with restaurants opening first at 9PM, kids playing in the streets 11PM and so on.  We had to adapt because we are used to eat much earlier in the night. Another thing that just don't happen in Scandinavia is that pets are allowed in pubs, theres even doves inside the café here beside me as i type, no one is chasing them around they are just slowly vacuuming the floor of bread crumbs. :) Both of us love this culture, very harmonious.