A few pictures from Ribadeo, Viveiro and Costa da morte

We didn't spend much time in Ribadeo - we decided to do short sails along the North coast of Spain instead of doing day&night sails.  We restocked some groceries in Ribadeo which had a super market close to the Marina. Managed to get lost trying to find it though, the GPS didn't point me (Jens) in the right direction - ended up in a Circus! The people there were very caring and engaged a whole bunch of people just to make sure i didn't get lost again.  

When we left Ribadeo for the sail to Viveiro we had a beautiful encounter with a little bird landing in the log book while Janne was writing! The sail went smooth and we enjoyed some pleasant weather. We decided to anchor outside the town in the bay which you can see in the pictures with the little island (front image) and the hills with all the wind-turbines. We spent the evening watching some series which we begun watching back in June but haven't had time to pick up again before now. 

The sail from Viveiro along Costa da Morte ("Coast of death") to La Coruna were a bit messy with breaking waves and unfortunate wind directions. We arrived in Real Club Náutico Marina after night fall.