One day trip to Paris!

We got to Paris late at night - autumn signs were apparent with leaves covering the ground and people in machines working on removing them. We got half a day of sunshine and half a day of rain during our short visit which added to the overall experience. 

Unfortunately we were not able to visit The Louvre, Notre dame or climb the Eiffel Tower with our tight schedule - too many tourists this time of year it seems. The architecture, symbolism, city planning, and great food made the visit worthwhile even though we had to rush through town. 

The scenery changed abruptly when the tourists had to seek cover from the rain that swooped in - we acted quickly when we saw the dark clouds looming and managed to get seats at a restaurant near the Eiffel Tower before the restaurants filled up. 

We got back to the car late at night and drove back to Boulogne-sur-Mer in the darkest of nights - felt like a winter night due to the thick cloud cover.

It’s been quite a task to be able to sightsee, take photographs, blog and manage everything else on land and at sea in this speed we’ve been keeping, but soon enough we will reach La Coruna, Spain and then our schedule will be much more relaxed. We are both longing for some calm days as both are a bit worn out now.

PS. The blog updates has been a bit slow lately because the WIFI in the marinas is not working properly.