Belated: Lagos, Portugal

We stayed for just a few days in Lagos, southern Portugal. I spent some time driving scooters with the vega crew while Janne met his old friend Erik and his wife and their sweet little dog Estrella. They live partly in Lagos on their Yacht. 

Driving two wheels again was quite a rush not having spent much time with bikes except for a year with an electric scooter as transport to work back in 2010. We drove along small roads and through villages to another town called Portimao; mediterranean-style white buildings on a limestone coast mixed with sand beaches. 

We had set our course to Portimao looking for grottoes that we had read about in Lisbon. Very beautiful place but we could only see it from above through a withered hole. The right way apparently is to take a boat tour but we didn’t have enough time to explore it fully. 

Apart from driving around a bit we spent one day stocking up for the first leg of the Atlantic crossing to the Canary Islands.