Porto and the Douro Valley

Last couple of weeks have been packed with events and socialising which became apparent when i was looking for pictures too share in this blog post. In retrospect i wish i had taken more photos of the cityscape and of all the great street art that you find in Porto. 

We didn't spend that many days in the city itself, decided to rent a car instead with the other Swedes and take a drive through the Douro Valley. A place that proved to be one of the most beautiful landscapes we ever seen. Majestic hills covered with organically scattered houses as far as you can see in all directions. Here is a shaky video i took in the car which i think will describe the place a bit better than the still shots:

Porto the home of port wines is an old Roman settlement strategically put at the mouth of the River Douro with ready access to the Atlantic Ocean. Before the Romans occupied the Iberian Peninsula the Celts had already been active in the region from around 300 B.C. 

We all liked the city and surrounding areas so much we started to make plans to go back in a distant future renting motor cycles and going around the valley with more time to spend! :) 

Nils that were with us on the Bay of Biscay joined us again - he stayed for the leg Porto-Lisbon and then unfortunately had to fly back home again due to a water leakage in his apartment. He was supposed to be with us to the Canary Islands. 

Porto on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porto