Islas Cíes

We left Baiona to spend a night anchored at Islas Cíes just a couple of miles off shore. Looking at the islands from Baiona brought on the imagination, thinking of Jurassic park or something remote and unexplored. :) 

Decided to switch crew so I jumped on the Albin Vega (S/Y Svea) while Isac joined Janne on Fragancia, it was a fun experience to see how a smaller boat moved at sea. Isac seemed pleased to learn how to operate the Bavaria as well! 

The islands was very beautiful and serene. We were the only people there except for a man taking care of the island who came out to greet us when we walked by. We decided to walk a couple of kilometers up to the lighthouse and found ourselves walking through eucalyptus forests and shifting vegetation. We got to higher altitude very quickly and soon enough we had amazing views of the islands, the Vigo bay and Baiona.

We got back to the dinghy just before nightfall and made our way back to Fragancia where the five of us spent an evening together - dining and chatting. All in all an awesome day and a beautiful morning the day after! :)