We didn't do all that much in Baiona due to the weather. Had a stroll around town the first day having a delicious seafood lunch which is pretty much what you find everywhere here on the Atlantic coast, seafood, seafood, seafood.

At least we made it up to the hills on our photo walk and got some pictures of Islas Cíes islands that we were aiming to visit for a night before we continued south to Porto.

I usually take a look at to see wether there is anything extraordinary that one wouldn't want to miss while visiting a city. But we ended up spending most of the time in the marina.

We met some new friends that were neighbouring Fragancia; an American family with two little kids on-board. They had been circumnavigating for 8 years already and had spent several months in Sweden.

One day Paul on the neighbouring boat and I went for a jog along the oceanfront and on the way back Paul couldn't resist the temptation to play some football with the locals. I'm not readily jumping into football games but I must say that after a while I was tempted to join in as well! :)

Apparently Paul likes to rollerblade which is a perfect because Janne loves to blade as well! They are planning to do some skating together soon! (We are currently in Oeiras outside Lisbon where we once again are in the same marina!)